The Syndrome of Erectile Dysfunction or Weak and Short-Term Erection

Erectile Dysfunction or Erectile Dysfunction is, as a rule, defined as the failure of a male sexual partner to achieve a satisfactory erection at all, or to sustain an erection for a desirable length of time. This problem sometimes happens to pass away by itself, but sometimes it may be a symptom of some greater irregularity. This way ort another, nowadays there is a wide and saturated market of methods that are capable to cure the problem with a guaranteed result. So it would be not wise to just try to ignore the trouble in hopes it will disappear somehow. The real issue is that the erectile dysfunction threatens the very quality of a male's life, it could rupture the way you regard yourself, spoil the relations with family, friends, and colleagues and, if the worst comes to worst, with sexual partners.

As was reported by the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS), according to the survey conducted in 1999, 22 male persons out of every 1000 - or almost 2% of the entire population - complained about troubles related to Erectile Dysfunction and were willing to undergo treatment. That means that most men, earlier or later, are bound to encounter the problem of Erectile Dysfunction, and the probability becomes greater with age. The difficulties with getting a satisfactory erection or just maintaining it for long enough have been reported by 50% of male persons between the ages of 40 and 70 moree

Why is the Idea of Male Potency Directly Connected with Quality of Ejaculation?

As it happens, the penis has been a powerful symbol of manhood, strength, dominance and success since the time immemorial. The size, shape and power of the male reproductive member have always been things to be fixated on. As a symbol of manliness, the penis and all that is connected with its functioning have been remarkably prominent in all cultures around the world, not excluding the art and imagination. But it should be acknowledged that all workings of the manly member, such as its capability to perform erection, its size, its lasting power etc. are in fact just an appendix to the orgasm, which is the final moment of enjoyable culmination. More satisfying and intense climaxes, if we look at the real issue, are the actual goal of all the concern connected with performance of the penis.

The above-mentioned fact is, actually, the explanation of the recent trend that focuses the attention on the quality and volume of ejaculation. More and more people begin to be aware of the idea that the love-making performance, such aspects of it as sexual identity and enjoyment, depend not only on the intensity or strength of orgasms, but on the volume of ejaculate as well.

In order to understand the essential part that is played by a healthy, abundant volume of ejaculate in getting the maximum of male pleasure we should take a closer look on the workings of the male orgasmic climax.

At the stage of fore-play and stimulation of erogenous parts of the body and increasing excitement of the sexual drive, the semen begins to collect in the ejaculatory ducts. When a male person reaches the climax of orgasm at the peak of his sexual pleasure, it happens so that such muscle groups as the pubococcygeus muscle (pc muscle), the anal sphincter, rectum and perineum, and the ejaculatory ducts and muscles around the penis begin to contract simultaneously. The rhythmic contractions of muscles that occur along with each other play the essential part in delivering the load of semen to its destination. The intervals between several first contractions are very short; they are about 0.8-second. That is, the contractions are very intense and happen almost together. During further stage of the orgasm, the intensity of contractions diminishes and intervals between contractions become longer moree

Everything About Zinc Supplements

Zinc is important to different functions of the human body and is essential for treating current health problems. For instance, for men, zinc increases sperm amount and improves the prostate health. Zinc can help also people having diabetic problems - it helps the pancreas to produce enough amount of insulin. Even people fighting against illnesses from the usual cold to Hepatitis C will benefit from zinc that increases the number of whitened blood cells and strengthens their immune system. Generally, zinc oxide supplements improve the health state of each person.

It was found out that zinc supplements improve children's and teenagers' interest span at school and even help them to raise the grades. Zinc oxide is able to improve memory, so it's especially useful for students.

Nobody can deny the fact that zinc is plays a significant role in cell production. As each cell reproduces itself within the human body, zinc should be present in all tissues of the body - from the eye's retina to the filtering system. It's zinc that feeds all these cells and assists them to reproduce in the right way moree