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Bad Piggies Game App Review for iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad3 and iPod Touch


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Every mobile users love to have latest app games in its mobile! If you are not crazy lover of Rovio’s blitz of Angry Birds games definitely you will get amazed with Bad Paggies, the latest app game introduced by Rovio’s placing players in charge of the pigs we have badly ruined in the past. The game is according to latest requirements and opposite to Angry Birds; it proffers a new game experience contrary to all other apps.

The purpose of the Bad Piggie is to exploit the existing tools to produce a vehicle that will help out your pig triumph over hurdles and discover pieces of treasure map. Same as the Angry Birds, there are special cut scenes in the entire game, through this instance depicting the somewhat hollow adventures of the pigs as they pursue the track to major shimmering treasures. The game begins with simple and small mechanics to use, as you proceeds more equipments and items will be included assembling it more difficult to complete, including different techniques to end each level.

Bad Piggies Game App Review for iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad3 and iPod Touch

Each level has separate stages in Bad Piggies. The first stage gives player a cluster of vehicle pieces to construct and a block of cubes on which player can place vehicle pieces. To begin this game player simply stats with gears like average building blocks and average, rather player will end by selecting multiple items later on and developing amazing vehicle designs might be exclusively entertaining to watch, even if the pig fails to reach the treasure map without booming a few times first. Once player’s happy with the constructed vehicle, you can press the play button that will place the vehicle to the test. Many levels begin your pig-driven vehicle at the periphery of the undulation and as these odd pigs don’t have any legs or hands to empower the vehicles, it’s overall satisfactory that they begin to help player complete the level.

However playing this game player can switch quickly between the vehicle editor and the level player always you will realize you should make an immediate adjustment. Rather whenever you insert a vehicle editor you will start from the first level. Bad Piggies has same rating feature like Angry Birds and other games have “three-star system”. But in spite of presenting star based on points they will be three multiple purposes displayed at the end of each level that will respond player with a star. The first star is gifted for the completion of level and the remaining are gifted for multiple things like bonuses etc.

Bad Piggies Game App Review for iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad3 and iPod Touch

Bad Piggies is a bit different from Rovio’s previous games, it has boast worthy status sign because every stage will have 9 special bonus levels that can be obtained by winning enough stars within the levels before it. Play this Bad Piggie game app you will find it welcoming, attractive and charming. It also has sophisticated background music. The good thing it’s free of cost you have no need to worry about the price of game.

The graphics in Bad Piggies are colourful and welcoming, and they are well-complimented with the playful background music that can be heard whilst you play the game. There are two different versions of Bad Piggies, the first one being the standard edition, and the second being an HD version. Although I couldn’t tell of any major differences between the games on my ASUS 10.1” tablet, I’m guessing the HD version has higher quality images to display better gameplay on larger screens.

The game can be purchased for free, and the only freemium content within the game are the purchasable hints which allow you to call out a professional builder to build the perfect vehicle for the level you are playing on. Personally I don’t feel like this is the piggy way, and if I were a piggy, it wouldn’t make sense to spend my hard-earned cash on cheap ways to find more hard earned cash.  But maybe deep down inside, the pigs aren’t so greedy after all, and they’re just looking for good ways to have fun.

Bad Piggies Game App Download [iTunes Link]

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