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TED Education App Review for iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad3 and iPod Touch


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The trend of getting useful information and the latest knowledge of our techno world is a common practice now and people employ different approaches for this purpose. As we know that it is the time of using modern things and every person is utilizing some kind of smart phones or PC tablets if he belongs to the advanced world that’s why to acquire the desired data, the public like to install various types of application to quench the thirst of knowledge with ease. In this context, a marvelous app with the name of “TED” is currently employing by a vast numbers of people which is obtainable for the users of iOS devices.

Beginning with TED

TED Education App Review for iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad3 and iPod Touch

TED is chiefly an education app which is designed for the devices of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. TED is the abbreviation of Technology, Entertainment and Design and this wonderful is app is free of cost. Students, scholars, thinkers and every one who like to get useful info can utilize this program which provides you a vast collection of lectures from the high qualified professors in video and audio formats even you are not online. The additional stuff is added on daily routine so you are always up to date to the latest information. You will get the facility of the complete host of Talk TED to provide you the opportunity of browsing and sharing various types of different lectures from the persons who are the specialists of their respective fields. You are able to access the whole library just with the touch of your fingers in almost 90 languages along with the availability of subtitles. You can download the new stuff and videos to see them later in offline mode. The use of TED is very easy and the navigation is marvelous that makes this app user friendly and because of this, every person can use this app perfectly have he only have the knowledge of web browsing and the basic know how of the iOS device.

Additional Features

TED Education App Review for iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad3 and iPod Touch

This educational app is well equipped with the function of playlist the name of which is “Inspire Me” that provide you the choice of making a TED Talk list for listing the desired selection of lectures. You only need to order the application that you want to listen and it will serve you in an amazing manner. These lectures can be shared on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook as well. There are two tabs are available additionally which are the tab of bookmarks and the TED radio. The bookmark tab is very essential as it will enable you to listen the lecture from the saving point and the radio tab supply you the broadcast of a radio station in 24 hours and 7 days a week with full of TED talk audio and you will be amazed to know that the radio tab will work for you even you have closed the program that makes you enable to do other work on your iOS device at the same time.

Finishing Words

When you use this outstanding app, you will discover that it is the education app which you are looking for your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device. It will tell you all the information from the each corner of the world which you are able to see right on your own hand set. The graphics are marvelous and the appearance is terrific and well furnished with theme that you can change as well. It will give you such a wonderful user interface that you make you capable to search your desired content easily. The app of TED is a gift for kids that every parent should present them to enhance their mental level and to aid their studies. As it is royalty free app so you must try this and see its mind blowing features by yourself.

TED Education App Download [iTunes Link]

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