What a Guy Should Know About the Penis Augmentation Surgery

The issue of getting an exceptionally well-hung penis of extraordinary length and girth has become one of the most popular requests according to the results of on-line searching engines top-lists. The request for information about "penis enlargement surgery" is constantly found among the most popular information requests. The reasons for this constant interest are different from a person to a person, it could be done out of curiosity, self-consciousness or embarrassment. Many male persons will never admit it openly, but all of us have secretly cherished dreams about increase of our penises and, therefore, became interested in penile enlargement surgery and its workings.

And if one takes care to spend some time and effort for looking into this matter, he is sure to discover that there have been an abundance of the males who not just got interested in the problem and did some extensive research, but who actually agreed to undergo this major surgical procedure as well, determined to achieve the perfect penis.

How the methods of penile enlargement surgery evolved

Long Daochao, a Chinese surgeon, was the creative originator of the know-how for the penis enhancement surgical procedure who developed the technique in the late 1980s. By 1991 the penis augmentation surgery techniques became quite popular and wide-spread, though they had not been yet endorsed by that time neither by the American Board of Plastic Surgery nor by the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Nevertheless, the popularity of the method was gaining momentum among many persons who sought out the surgery, notwithstanding the absence of a professional organizational safety and quality guidelines.

The determination and courage of those first patients should be given due credit, those guys did have balls - just imagine that you have given consent to become a voluntary guinea pig for cosmetic penis enlargement surgery! But in their thought the risks were worth it, what they were to get in the end was a bigger and better staff. The original methods that were tested at that period were aimed at improvement of the penis length, girth, or both. They have not changed much since that time.

Here's the way it is done: in the first place the surgeon cuts the suspensory ligament. This part of anatomy anchors the penis to the body. As a result the penis drops down and forward and appears to become longer. What actually happens is that the part of the penis that is normally hidden inside the body cavity will stretch outward, that is why it starts to look as if it is longer. In other words, the hidden portion of the penis is uncovered or released from the body, though in technical terms the penis retains its original length.

The next stage is to increase the circumference of the penis. To achieve this objective it is necessary to collect fat cells from the man's body, as a rule, from the buttocks or legs. These cells are then injected into the penis body and will contribute to making it thicker.

Recently the surgeons have managed to improve the techniques used to widen or enhance the penis, introducing some other materials. The fat cells have been replaced by implants such as grafts. The tissues of the man's own body or from donor cadavers are used by doctors nowadays.

How much would it cost and how high are risks, considering the results?

Most people, however, find it too difficult even to contemplate the idea to undergo any of above-described procedures. Nevertheless there others, who are so overwhelmed by desire to obtain a bigger and better manhood that possible ricks do not stop them from undergoing the surgery. About 18,000 men have had the surgery according to the current estimates.

But it really should be admitted that the surgery is actually considered somewhat risky. Not many surgeons practice it, just about 30 in the U.S. as of the present day. And there are strict conditions for their consent to perform the operation. The patient should be mature, in stable emotional state and should pass counseling session prior to the surgery.

The truth is that early penis enlargement surgeries often brought disastrous results: in their outcome, many patients were rendered permanently impotent; they ended with disfigured, red, raw penises. In the worst cases they were coming from surgery with permanently limp and horribly misshaped penises.

The present day surgeons are much more knowledgeable and have gained considerable experience in performing these procedures to cut down the risks. Nevertheless, the reliability and safety of the procedure is still strongly questioned by some respectable critics. Their main points are as follows: a surgically severed suspensory ligament can lead to serious dysfunctions such as downward pointed erection, complete loss of sensation and support of the erect penis. In the worst cases the ligament-cutting method, which may gain a patient a couple of inches in length, leads to impotency.

The method of fat injections can result in making the penis girth lumpy, asymmetrical and unappealing. The problem is that there is no way to predict how the injected fat will migrate. It can concentrate in the middle section of the shaft making the member look like a football. Sometimes it moves around in lumps randomly, and then the shape of penis appears irregular. There happen cases of irregular fat reabsorbtion, those lead to loss of the built-up girth after some time. And even if the penis itself is erect, the layer of fat makes it feel unmanly soft.

Though the risks of the surgery have been somewhat cut down recently, it does not apply to the costs; the current average price tag for penis enlargement surgery indicates something like $8,000.

For whom the penis enlargement surgery would be suitable the best?

Many prospective patients still make their choices in favor of penile surgery, though they have been given a chance to consider all the risks. What are the considerations behind the decision they make?

First of all the physical and mental shape of a candidate should be excellent. It is possible that after having assessed the overall state of health, doctor can discover various health concerns that will not agree with the procedure, such as high blood pressure, history of urogenital problems etc. In such a case, it could be recommended to take medications or consider counseling.

The next reasonable step would be to conduct thorough research into the penile surgery procedure, paying particular attention to the qualifications of individual doctors and their results history.

In conclusion it should be noted that it is absolutely up to a surgery candidate to measure how deeply he is affected by concerns about his penis. It is he who is in position to weigh all risks and costs against the potentially beneficial result. The key issue is to take a realistic view; even if you dream of having a penis any woman would die for do not forget that results may be not quite what are expected.

Are there any efficient alternatives to penile surgery?

During some recent years the all-or-nothing nature of the situation with penis augmentation has changed radically; previously a would-be-patient has to make a choice between a hazardous operation or look for some other way to improve the size. Nowadays males are offered a plenty of supplements and all-natural botanical penis enhancement medications to choose from. The careful studies and tests have proved actual safety (no side effects) and efficiency of these products. These risk-free products do enhance virility and performance! Very quickly these safe natural alternatives to the penile surgery have gained enormous popularity!

The components of these products have been discovered centuries ago, which proves that the preoccupation with the large penis is centuries old. The potent herbals of ancient China are carefully mixed with other natural botanical ingredients originating from around the world, insuring a wide range of beneficial effects that give those concerned exactly what they want.

Most important innovative feature that makes herbal supplements unique is introduction of technology that allows creating and delivering the ingredients in a purified, carefully selected formula. For instance, the exact mixture and selection of components and amounts that compose well-known VigRX enhancement capsules insure stronger and more lasting erections, heightened sensitivity, longer staying power and overall improved sexual health, because they are manufactured at a modern pharmaceutical-grade laboratory under strict quality control. The rub-on oil, VigRX Oil, was developed by implementation of the latest transdermal technology from Germany that perfectly delivers the ingredients directly through the skin of genitals, which results in very fast effects on penis performance and brings the utmost sexual satisfaction. If you are inclined to use "patch" products now the latest Maxiderm patch is offered to you. The results are the same as with taking VigRXPlus pills - male potency is noticeable increased, but this application is transdermal. A user does not have to take any pills to enjoy all benefits of improved sexual performance - just apply the patch in correct way.

Speaking of natural alternatives, one should mention another very popular new product designed to help men with another topic which often makes them feel self-conscious: it is the amount and quality of ejaculate they produce during sex. An all-natural oral supplement, Semenax is guaranteed to bring to you high sperm volumes and stronger orgasms, to say nothing about better vigor of sperm.

So, what is the conclusion?

Before making your decision regarding penis augmentation surgery it is strongly recommended to see your doctor and discuss the topic, asking for a piece of advice. Extra information will never hurt when making your mind if surgery is right for you.

It is of paramount importance to do all the necessary research before attempting anything as risky and expensive as penile surgery. And it takes time and effort. That is why most male persons look the way of safe natural methods in the first place.

According to clinical research, these products work not for all men, though for the majority they are beneficial. So it would be a wise idea to try them in the first place. All people are different and for some men one particular method is better than another. For the moment, unfortunately, there have been no clinical results available regarding comparative tests of the different methods of penis enlargement.

Whether your decision is positive or negative, remember, the information is always the key issue. Do not spare your time, do some research. In case of uncertainty, you should better take the path of natural treatment. You will always be on the safe side and there is more than a good chance to get the superb positive effect!