Do Penis Exercises Perform As Promised? - Can They Be Used to Improve a Bent Penis? - Natural Penis Enhancement vs Interventional Methods

Natural penis correction exercises are gaining in popularity, which is quite natural, so to say. There are numerous different alternatives actively promoted on the Web and in mass media. Those alternatives promise improvement of various irregularities, often found with a male manhood. For instance, because of some genetic malfunction or due to a disease, known as Peyronie's disease, male individuals end up with a seriously crooked penis. Another irregularity is more than modest size of a penis.

The most reasonable strategy to employ would be to do some careful research and make sure you got full realization of which penile straightening methods do work and how they work. Such research would be not a problem to implement through online sites and forums, where you can get familiar with reports and comments of people who actually made use of this or that penile correction method, so the advertised promises of straightening up a bent penile erection or improving undersized manhood could be verified against actual results. As you see, verification of how potent certain kinds of treatments really are would never hurt. More that that, you will be able to save your time and hard-earned money, in the long run!

- What are the advantages of penis exercises as compared to penile surgery and penis extension gadgets, if any at all?

The greatest advantages of penile improvement exercises are their versatility, simplicity and absence of any expenses to be suffered on the part of their practitioner. Very modest money has to be spent on acquisition of a good quality DVD with training video lessons. It is important to learn correct application of the movements, so a video teaching course can safely get a novice through the whole system, step by step, from the simplest things to the more complicated maneuvers. Actually, a practitioner of penile correction exercises does not need anything else besides hands and some lubricant - and a quite private place to practice his sessions, of course!

The basics of penis shape improvement exercises were discovered many centuries ago in several cultures, predominantly in the East. The principle of penis exercises is application of external traction force to the penis shaft. Because of constant stimulation, the tissues of the penis began to grow in the direction of the applied force. In this way their cells try to relieve the pressure applied to them. This cell growth stimulation effect explains the efficiency of exercises for such tasks as penis size enhancement and correction of misshaped penis shafts. As was proved by extensive research, even severe cases of a bent penis erection could be treated with the help specifically compiled system of penis exercises.

Another advantage of natural penis exercises is their safety. Since no interventional methods, such as penile surgery, are applied to your manhood, you do not risk various severe after-surgery side effects. Many patients, in their quest for an immense penis size, undergo penile surgery and end up with permanently disfigured members. Sometimes they acquire a downward pointing erection and other unpleasant surprises as the result of a surgery. Besides, such corrective operations usually cost thousand of dollars, though the safety is not guaranteed. The advantages of penis exercises over the surgery are obvious to any reasonable person who cares about the well-being of his reproductive and love-making instrument!

Another competitor for penis exercises is a penis extender (stretcher). The action of this gadget is based on the same principle of application of traction force. The gadget has a special soft noose, with which a user harnesses the head of the penis. With the help of two extendable metal rods it is possible to regulate the pulling force. The device is compact and can be easily hidden under the clothes; it makes possible to use the penis extender during the day-time, at work and so on. Many people prefer to use it at night, in sleep. You just keep sleeping, peacefully, and your penis is being enhanced automatically. It gives a penis extender some advantage over the penis exercises, since such gadgets are a good device for people with low self motivation and discipline. The success of penis correction exercises completely rests on a practitioner's persistence. The extender, on the contrary, needs only to be applied and adjusted, that would be all a user needs to do. But extenders cannot be used for correction of bent penises. For this purpose they are useless. This fact proves much greater universality and flexibility of penis exercises. They could be adjusted exactly for the purposes of a specific practitioner.

As far as vacuum penis pumps and enhancement pills are concerned, they could not be considered a competition for penis exercises at all. A vacuum penis pump will never correct shape or length of your penis. If you happen to have a bent penis you will not be able to use a pump at all, since your disfigured manhood will not fit into it.

The pills are good for treatment of low libido and erectile dysfunction. They improve the state of your sexual and reproductive system as a whole. And they are reported to be useful in capacity of a good complimenting medication for practitioners of penis exercises. Still, they will never bring any positive effect to people seeking correction of penis shape or size!