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Mini Tablet Battle Ground – iPad Mini vs Nexus 7 vs Kindle fire HD

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Mini Tablet Battle Ground - iPad Mini vs Nexus 7 vs Kindle fire HD

If you are looking for a small Tablet PC then you have many options of different products available in the market. In this context Apple, Google and Amazon provides you many wares with amazing features in these tablets. But the question is that which tablet best suits your requirements? Here is the comparison between Apple’s iPad Mini, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and Google’s Nexus 7 to help you choose the best for you in this round up. With a remarkable advancement in the technology in our modern era, size of the smart phones and tablets is not the problem as tablets are decreasing in size while smart phones are getting larger.

In the market, there is a massive competition of 7-inches screen tablets and Apple jumped into this contest and launched its iPad Mini. Kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 7 presented a breeding ground of resources for Android usage and iPad mini also provided Android to its valuable users with a compatibility of latest applications and softwares. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of these tablets to know how these elevated sketch tablets have the flexibility for apps and programs to fulfill your demands.

Demonstration of Display

iPad-mini vs Kindle Fire HD vs Nexus Demonstration of Display

Screen size is considered much important as the latest tablets are expected by the users to utilize in comfort zone. iPad mini has a larger screen of 7.9 inches as its contenders Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD presented only 7 inches screen. If we talk about the screen resolution then iPad mini has a small resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels while Nexus and Fire tablets display with a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution and this difference of resolution is due to aspect ratio. iPad mini has a quadrangle-like aspect ratio of 4:3 while other both tablets have widescreens. To provide broad screening perspective IPS Technology is used in all of these tablets. Although Kindle Fire HD prepared with anti-glare technology but in the presence of direct sun light it is hard to differentiate between Nexus 7 and Fire HD, and in contrast iPad mini is extra intuitive but it also vestiges absolutely understandable and watchable most of the time. Nexus and Kindle Fire HD are outfitted with retina display but this feature is missing in iPad mini.

Look & Design

If you are conscious about weight then iPad mini is the best solution for you because it is much lighter, slimmer and also somewhat bigger than it’s both competitors and has an edge of the mainly comfortable and glowing manufactured tablets ever utilized at the present time. Nexus 7 is easy to handle with one hand due to small width but it is also well heavy while Kindle Fire HD is the thickest, quite strong and heavy, and widest among these tablets. Heaving a big screen iPad mini is more easily portable due to its lean appearance feature and skinny bezel. When it comes to design and feel then Nexus 7 and Fire HD are slightly behind due to the edifice of plastic backing which can be easily griped but the aluminum structure and light weight of iPad mini is more contented to hold and use and gives a great look as compared to plastic manufacturing of other devices.

Processing Devices and Operating Systems

Apple Inc. used the same processing chip of dual-core A5 processor in iPad Mini just like the chip utilized in iPad 2 but there is doubt about the clocking speed of both iPads and has its own operating system iOS 6 which has constantly been a strapping position with its smoothness and established consumer understanding. There is a little problem with customization but it is largely recommended OS of every time. Nexus 7 contains Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor which is considered to be a powerhouse in the mobiles and this chip is also used in Microsoft’s latest Surface RT Tablets. This gadget is employed with latest Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean, with its great and friendly user interface along with contact to modern attribute resembling to Google Now. On the other side of the coin, Kindle Fire HD restrains TI OMAP 4460 chip which was easily beaten by the benchmarks for testing by Tegra 3 and Amazon focus on Android which provides facility of easiness in usage and the user can operate it in a simple and effective manner.

Specifications and Features

Kindle Fire HD has a front cam while Nexus 7 has 1.2 MP front face camera and iPad Mini has 1.3MP Front and 5 MP back camera but most of the people don’t buy tabs to shoot pictures and photos so there isn’t any problem with cams of these appliances. All these devices have furnished with Wi-Fi enabled while iPad can be connected with 4G LTE also but totally missing NFC and only offer GPS. Across this panel performance is comparatively parallel but Fire HD is left behind to some extent and does not have both GPS and NFC facilities. If you want to play games, watch videos, web browsing and run different applications then iPad and Nexus are quite ahead from Kindle. Amazon declares that dual transmitters and MIMO Support system formulate Wi-Fi 40% faster than the others as if you have to stream a lot on the internet then it would be a best choice to fulfill all your desires in a wonderful approach. Nexus 7 has GPS and NFC and doesn’t carry HDMI port so you can’t connect it with TV while Kindle supports mini HDMI port which can be linked with standard HDMI cable you can enjoy your contents on a big screen of HDTV. iPad mini has Lightning connector and you need to link it with external adaptor to exploit it with frills to hook it up with TV.

Songs, TV and Videos

Amazon is somersaulting Kindle Fire HD as a skylight on top of its stuffs and gives ample of recommendations. If you look iTunes and Google Play, Amazon offering auspiciously a lot of movies and different TV episodes available for rent or purchases, although you can get simple entrance to all this stuff from iPad and Nexus. You have also an effortless admittance to Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Netflix and other overhauls from all of these contrivances. Kindle HD is in fact inadequate to songs, TV shows and movies and can’t get right to use of Google Play and iTunes. Any person who loves to watch videos and movies then Kindle Fire HD will be the best choice because it gives excellent display results in conjunction with audio output which is immense in Fire HD due to Dolby Digital Stereo System and you are able to get superlative experience using headset.

Cloud Storage

In provisions of storage space, Amazon grants limitless and free of charge storage for the contents you buy using Kindle Fire HD and for all others contents Amazon Cloud gives you 5GB free storage as well as if you required more space, then you have to pay $25 per year for 50GB. If you have mixed data and want to add more than 5GB in your tablet then Fire HD is exceptional penchant. You get iCloud in iPad Mini which allows you only 5GB storage free of cost and you have to pay $20 for additional 10GB per year, for 20GB $40 per year and for 50GB $100 per year. Google is very cheap and most reliable as it provides 5GB free space and only costs $60 for extra 100GB storage and can get up to 16TB for additional storage in addition. It is very important to know that you have 10GB space in Gmail, 40000 songs can be added to Google Music and you can store unlimited images to Google+.

Magazines and Books Reading

Kindle app has a leading library related to books and magazines; you can get approach to this collection from your iPad mini and Nexus 7 easily. Due to the usage of anti-glare technology and high resolution of Kindle and Nexus, these devices provides you the best reading experience with a sharper and clear view of the screen. On all these three outstanding appliances, you can have several superior publication applications which are very useful and informatics and you may supervise contribution all the way through a variety of stockpiles, but iPad mini and Kindle recommends and suggests extra reading material while iPad helps you to use supplementary space for reading due to its aspect ratio of 4:3.

Battery Life and Usage

In the perspective of the backup of batteries, all of these tablets are very close to each other due to a strong competition in the market to provide a durable battery life which is able to be used for several hours deprived of charging and these all will get you from beginning to end of the day of standard utilization. According to Apple’s administration, iPad Mini has an unbeatable battery time of 10 hours, while Nexus and Fire HD both have 8 hours individually. If someone is watching movies or streaming videos online then every device will support him for approximately 9 hours with consistency. iPad Mini is recommended for a gamer due to its long lasting battery which gives more time for playing the sports competition than the other opponents.


In the case of prices of all these gadgets, there is a huge difference between them. Apple’s tablet is costly and you have to pay an amount of $330 with 16GB usage of Wi-Fi while both other gadgets of 16GB are for $200 only. Other models of these companies are tough to evaluate straightforwardly because they do not present same specifications or connectivity. 32GB Kindle Fire HD is on top of the list since you have to forfeit only $264 with confiscation of adverts. 32GB Nexus 7 with HSPA+ cellular connectivity you will consume $300 and 32GB is the highest limit for both Android tablets, but if you want to purchase a 32GB iPad Mini which carries 4G LTE connectivity with cellular you have to devour a huge amount of $560 and furthermore, if you have decided to deposit a large amount to buy an iPad then you can also get 64GB for just putting another $100 with same connectivity.


When you are going to buy something like these widgets, first thing in your mind should be that what are you going to do with it? Every gadget has some unique features but it’s not possible for just one tablet to be 100% according to every user and there is a possibility that some characteristics that are present in iPad mini may not available in the other Tabs and some elements which are present in Nexus and Fire HD may lack in iPad Mini.

Kindle Fire HD with Amazon Prime is more suitable for fun things like watching movies, TV shows, listening music, songs and audios due to its better resolution for all these materials. This device is also preferable if you have previously utilized Amazon a lot of time, but you must keep in mind that having iPad and Nexus you can get access to contents of Amazon without any difficulty through authorized applications. iPad mini has some advantages over the others in case of games and dedicated apps, but you have to disburse a lot to gain these extraordinary features and anyone who has previously an iTunes Library of substances while additional charges will be sufficient to turn off the majority of the people. As Apple’s App store has more belongings in it as judge against to Nexus and Fire HD, these fabulous apps are also extra expensive than that of Androids, meanwhile the price factor does not apply on its upfront price but you have to spend very much for cloud services, accessories and contents.

If your requirements are, a low budget, most versatile, attractive and well-formed tablet then Nexus 7 almost completes all of these wants. Beside these exceptional characteristics, it is recommended for a lot of other elements like it contains and runs supreme and most latest versions of Android but it is most excellently incorporated with Google services and a great range of free and affordable games and useful apps. This gadget is unique in sense of compatible with 0.7 million softwares and applications of Google Play Store and it runs these entire apps without any problem.

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