The Syndrome of Erectile Dysfunction or Weak and Short-Term Erection

Erectile Dysfunction or Erectile Dysfunction is, as a rule, defined as the failure of a male sexual partner to achieve a satisfactory erection at all, or to sustain an erection for a desirable length of time. This problem sometimes happens to pass away by itself, but sometimes it may be a symptom of some greater irregularity. This way ort another, nowadays there is a wide and saturated market of methods that are capable to cure the problem with a guaranteed result. So it would be not wise to just try to ignore the trouble in hopes it will disappear somehow. The real issue is that the erectile dysfunction threatens the very quality of a male's life, it could rupture the way you regard yourself, spoil the relations with family, friends, and colleagues and, if the worst comes to worst, with sexual partners (how to attract a man beautiful eyes can be read qunol coq10 reviews here

As was reported by the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS), according to the survey conducted in 1999, 22 male persons out of every 1000 - or almost 2% of the entire population - complained about troubles related to Erectile Dysfunction and were willing to undergo treatment. That means that most men, earlier or later, are bound to encounter the problem of Erectile Dysfunction, and the probability becomes greater with age. The difficulties with getting a satisfactory erection or just maintaining it for long enough have been reported by 50% of male persons between the ages of 40 and 70.

In the first place it is essential to establish the nature of the cause related to the dysfunction, if it is physical or emotional. The only way to make sure that the reasons of disorder are of psychological nature is to exclude possibility of physical diseases that may lead to the Erectile Dysfunction syndrome in this particular case.

As experience shows, the most part of long-term cases of Erectile Dysfunction originate from some kind of physical disorder. More often than not one can find among them vascular disease, that leads to the hardening of arteries, prescription drugs of this or that kind, and weariness. But actually the list of examples is much longer. Whatever the reason, the result is the same - poor circulation of blood in the penis tissues, blood has difficulties with filling the cavities and remain in them.

As it has been established, about 70% of Erectile Dysfunction cases are caused by physiological reasons. The rest, that is about 30%, originate from psychological factors. More often than not among those factors you can encounter stresses, depressions and loss of self-esteem. The origin of the problem in this case lies in the brain.

Whether the problem with Erectile Dysfunction is permanent or temporarily, it is important to remember that nowadays it can be easily cured and there is no reason to feel embarrassed about it any more. The modern medical science offers more than enough efficient treatments for erectile dysfunction, both medical and non-medical. Keep in mind that healthy lifestyle is an important companion for a successful treatment of any sort. Taking drugs, alcohol and indulging in tobacco only make the symptoms erectile dysfunction worse.

Commonly a medical specialist would prescribe this or that kind of medicine that is administered orally (pills, capsules) or injected directly into the penis. One of efficient medicines is Viagra; it has brought beneficial effects to hundreds and hundreds of suffering males all over the country. But it is known to have unpleasant side effects, such as nausea and dizziness and in case you are administering any other medicines, Viagra could be incompatible with them. The medications should be administered at least an hour prior to love-making intercourse to take effect. Another efficient method is undergoing penis enlargement surgery, but it has some serious disadvantages, like high cost and a long recuperation period. During the surgery some prosthetic implants are inserted into the genitals, or it could be a penis pump, so before the act of love-making one has to pump his male member to get it up into position.

The three well-trusted and efficient non-medical methods of curing Erectile Dysfunction are psychological therapy, administering of penis pumps, and taking of herbal sex enhancement supplements. Therapy could be very successful in cases of psychological-caused Erectile Dysfunction. The only thing a patient should bear in mind - the therapy should be conducted by a registered sex therapist or some other professional in the field of psychological health. But this treatment will not bring positive results for you in physical cases. Besides, therapy is not a quick process, and talking at length about their sexual problems may happen to be distressing to some persons. Penis pumps are efficient but they are just a temporary fix that have to be set up each time before intercourse. They consist of a tube into which a penis is inserted. A person, literally speaking, pumps his member up to achieve desired erection, at which point a ring is rolled onto the base of the penis to keep the erection hard. A penis pump doesn't address the real reason of ED problem, though it works.

All-natural penis enhancement pills such as like VigRX PlusT are an efficient medication that is 100% safe to administer. The supplement is composed from herbal and leaf extracts of plants that have been known for their potent aphrodisiacal influence since long time ago. They originate from different countries of the world - North and South Americas, China, Asia, Europe etc. All-natural herbal supplements are guaranteed to be free from unpleasant side effects like dizziness, sickness, eye-sight blurring and so on. The beneficial results are quickly achieved. The treatment can be terminated at any moment without trouble for the users. Thanks to aphrodisiac components such herbal pills increase the sexual drive, also known as libido, and in this way they address psychological factors of ED as well.

Naturally, it goes without saying that prior to administering any medicine or undergoing any sort of treatment you should discuss the issue with your physician.